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Make the benefits procurement process simple with RFP 24/7. Use our secure, dedicated RFP/RFQ system to lead your process from choosing vendor participants to comparing results through contracting.
Essential for GREAT business. The RFP/RFQ process is important in all areas of business – and essential when choosing an employee benefits vendor. Until now, your choices were limited to running the cumbersome process yourself using paper and spreadsheets or paying big bucks for a consultant to run it for you. Power in your hands. RFP 24/7 gives you total control of your process. You lead all aspects of the RFP/RFQ using our secure online system. Your boss will appreciate how easy you made it look!
• Open your account – add your team contacts and basic information
• Create your RFP – finalize your process and messaging, add questions and define responses
• Add RFP vendor participants, communication and contact information
• Review, report and rank responses – usable reporting makes comparisons and presentations easy
• Manage multiple rounds – knock out low performers, add questions, manage finalists
You choose! RFP 24/7 gives you options. Be as involved or hands off as you’d like.
- I need a little help... Use the RFP 24/7 online system only – add your own questions, create your presentations
- I need more help… Get access to our system, our questions and our consulting.
We work with you to set up the system, run the process, analyze results and prepare presentations. Want more information?

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